The Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Ted Talk was devoted to waking up Americans to the true crisis that we are in. Many of us already know that preservatives and processed foods are unhealthy and that eating fast food is also unhealthy. However, Jamie Oliver pushes us beyond that assumption we take for granted. He gives us statistic and visual demonstrations, and he throws it all in our faces to try and give us a massive wake up call. He is an extremely intelligent man, and he is obivously an expert in his field. Therefore, he communicates hard facts about the situation we’re in. However, the real strength in the talk is through his various demonstrations. At one point, he dumps out a wheelbarrel full of sugar cubes. This represents the amount of sugar every student consumes throughout elementary school in the milk the school provides alone. This is one of the ways the talk is as effective as it is. It doesn’t just show audiences what we’ve heard many times. It literally shows the audiences what we’re eating. It directly shows us what the problem is. I learned a lot from this video, and it pushed me to develop my thoughts on this subject.

The fact that this problem is prevelant today is even scarier to me than the way Jamie Oliver described it. Children not recognizing a potato is not merely an instance of uneducation, it could even be seen as dystopian. Food is our life source, and it is being changed and twisted into something terrible. When you cannot eat natural food without researching and paying a high price, it means that society itself is twisted to its core.

Jamie Oliver sees this, and he is making a lot of change for the better. He is incredibly smart by targeting schools and children. Providing everyone with proper food education would be a huge step towards change. However, I do not believe that government programs will change anything in the long run. Jamie Oliver briefly mentions working with families, and I think that this is where the problem needs to be faced. Children are not receiving the food education they need, and the root of that problem is the place where they grow up in. If parents aren’t giving their children proper food, then no elementary school will be able to ge through to them. We live in a society where many families are broken, and that breaks my heart. I think that the root of this food crisis just goes back to these families. Therefore, we need to help equip families in need to care for their children, and then maybe, those children can go on to make strong families of their own.


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