The Insanity of Political Maneuvering (The Farm Bill – UC Berkeley)

At various points in my life, I have been more invested in politics than others. I tend to get interested in it until I get a headache, and then I stop paying attention for a while until something gets me more interested again. However, I have never once heard of the farm bill until now. It is a very interesting and insanely complicated piece of legislation. I obviously have only scratched the surface of it from only one lecture. That being said, I definitely learned a lot from the video.

I think I most agreed with Dan Imhoff’s statement at the end of the video. The focus of government’s role in food needs to be primarily on health. The many other issues involved distract from the main problem we are facing, and they stop a very univeral issue from being solved because of hot political issues. Chellie Pingree showed this herself when she mentioned that Republicans wouldn’t go for her bill because of the funding it gave the food stamp program. In my opinion, government and politics rarely solve issues effectively. I agree that the marketplace alone cannot solve this issue, and we need an effective farm bill to make changes. Despite this, the history of the farm bill shows how political maneuvering will take something intended for good and get it bogged down with many other issues. A clear separation of ideaologies and issues needs to happen if true change is going to come.


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