“The thing about sustainability is that you have to sustain it”

In just a ten minute Ted Talk, I was introduced to Ron Finley, and I was blown away by the things that he has accomplished. I have a huge respect for him, and the things he is doing for his community. In my opinion, it is people like him who will ultimately change the world and make a difference. Through the gardens he is creating, he is not only producing fresh, locally grown food for his community, but he is also teaching values to his community. He is teaching them the skills they need to grow their own food. He is teaching children and teenagers how to have a hard work ethic and produce what they need in life. Not only that, but he planned to put up restaurants as well. He is sustaining and growing his business to bring healthy food to his community. You see, regardless of what the Farm Bill says or how many preservatives and GMOs are in restaurant or grocery store food, the fundamental problem in this food crisis resides in our families and our communities. If more people like Ron Finley can revolutionize our communities, everything else will follow in his place.


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