“My Potato Project; The Importance of Organic”

This youtube video (link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exBEFCiWyW0&feature=youtu.be) is overall a pretty adorable video, even without the deeper meanings and message behind it. I think the fact that this video was presented by a child is so cool. We need to spread this message to more children, because they are the ones that ultimately define the future. On the content of the video itself, the short, simple visual demonstration in this is actually incredible. It not only uses solid science and facts, it tugs at the emotional point of the matter as well. Processed food is not natural. Water, the source of life, has no effect on these potatoes. It’s almost as if they are just a shadow of the real thing. Is that what we want in our bodies? Overall, it is a fascinating video. I very much enjoyed it,


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