What If Our Healthcare System Kept Us Healthy?

Rebecca Onie’s Ted talk and her vision for the future of healthcare is a groundbreaking one. She is reimagining a healthcare system that essentially walks with people through their lives and solves their problems at the root rather than solving the symptoms. She imagines a healthcare system that keeps people healthy rather than strictly healing disease. The organization, Health Leads, uses college student volunteers to connect patients with what they need for basic their basic health that they may not be able to afford. These students would address things such as a food and shelter.

These kinds of out of the box ideas are the very ones that we need to be thinking of to get out of this crisis we are in. If we have more people rethinking an entire established system like this, we will certainly be on the road to better things. However, her talk definitely left me with doubts and questions. I wonder where the money for this kind of system would come from. Depending on whose pockets the funding for this is being drained from, it could cause more harm than good. It also has the potential for the same kind of problems the welfare system has. People could take advantage of the system, rather than using it to better their lives. I wished that Onie had elaborated on these points in her talk. The creation of Health Leads is certainly important and even revolutionary, but it is not the final solution to the problem.


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