The Future of Food – Interview with Deborah Koons Garcia

Deborah Garcia is the producer of the film The Future of Food. I have not yet seen this film, but I do plan to after watching this interview with Garcia. The interview alone taught me more about GMOs and Monsanto than I had ever known in the past. In a mere forty-five minute video, she touched on so many subjects that it was honestly hard to take it all in. A couple of things about it stood out to me. Firstly, she talked about organic food, and she mentioned that there were attempts at allowing some of the more harmless aspects of processed agriculture to still be considered organic food. She argued that opening things up like this would only leave room for the more harmful things to come in. This is a valid argument she makes, but it reminds me of a more general issue that really does bother me. This is the idea of holding to extremes. On so many issues, such as equality, religion, politics, economics, people fiercely hold to one side or the other. People are rarely able to consider the middle ground of issues, and it is always us versus them. This is one of those areas where it seems to me that if we allow ourselves to take the benefits of both sides, organic food and processed food, we can discard the disabilities and have a truly better food system. Secondly, the company of Monsanto really stood out to me in this video. I’ll admit, I had heard the name before, but I really knew nothing about them. However, the fact that they have a monopoly on agriculture and intellectual property semms completely appalling and wrong to me. I believe that capitalism does have the ability to solve the food crisis we find ourselves in. Grassroots organizations can make changes in public opinion and public policy. A company like Monsanto with such a massive monopoly is not capitalism though. They are a massive obstacle in the road towards change.


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