A Healthier Food Coloring

There are certain chemicals, Anthocyanins, and it is found naturally in many foods. The give many fruits and produce their natural, bright color. Scientists have found that this chemical may actually have many health properties. In the long history of herbal medicine, it has been used to teat a number of conditions. On top of that, scientists have found that it may actually prevent heart disease and cancer. Its full properties are still being studied, so considering it a “cure all” could be a bit premature. However, the properties that have been discovered drive home an interesting point. Nature does a great job of taking care of itself. Obviously, modern medicine is a blessing to the human race, but there is a lot of evidence that in the complexities of nature, there are safeguards against disease and natural health foods. In a lot of ways, the artifical life we live now cannot be as effective as nature is.



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