Tilapia, and a Final Lesson for Us All

Tilapia is a fish that has taken over the world. As this New York Times article points out, it is easy to farm, reproduce, and fatten up quickly, so in a Capitalistic world, it is ideal. However, it has spread incredible fast, and many overseas tilapia farms have poor standards and are polluting lakes. On top of this, it has become in invasive species in many of the areas it is being farmed. This brings up one, final point about modern-day agriculture

We produce a lot, the economy and our mindset practically demands that we do. Ultimately, all the problems in the food industry come back to this. In all the mass production of corn, chickens, cows, tilapia, and everything else, we are simply subjecting nature to our will. We are not allowing the natural balance of things to even everything out. We are demanding that nature provide us with what we need. It is this mindset that leads us to all the problems we have. The other thing is, we have gotten where we are today fast. We have just exploded in the past century, and it could be that the course of evolution will even everything out with time. Regardless, there is a lot that needs to be addressed in the coming generations, and we will see if the human race is up to the challenge.


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